Our Wicker Package

An environmentally friendly farewell.

What is the Wicker Package?

Our Wicker Package is a truly stunning funeral choice, taking inspiration from a Traditional Funeral but with environmentally friendly flourishes. As the name suggests, this package heroes a Natural Wicker Coffin with a Floral garland and Nameplate.

Our wicker coffins offer a natural, ethical and biodegradable alternative to traditional options, all of which are made entirely by hand. They are suitable for any type of burial or cremation, but lend themselves particularly well for natural burials at our Seven Penny Meadow.

The price of our Wicker Package is £3,300.

What makes Wicker Coffins special?

Today, an increasing number of families are looking for a simpler alternative to which our wicker coffins are a great choice. Traditional, solid wood coffins can take decades to biodegrade, and their production uses large amounts of natural resources. Our eco-friendly coffins are made from sustainable materials, that will efficiently break down and become part of the earth without impacting the environment.

To add a personal touch to the wicker coffins, we decorate the caskets with handpicked flowers from our garden. We encourage and invite families and friends of the deceased to do the same by bringing flowers to the service which can be easily interwoven – a special way to involve your guests and say final farewells in a touching way.

Our Direct Cremation Package Includes:

When planning a funeral, it’s easier to talk things through. Whilst there’s a lot of information on our website, our team are here to help you better understand the options available to you, and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

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Below are some examples of the options you have when it comes to Wicker coffins…

Planning a Funeral with the Wicker Package

The price of our Wicker Funeral package is £3,300. Although this is a ‘package’, we do encourage as much creativity and participation as possible for when it comes to the planning of a memorable celebration for your loved one’s life. For more information about how this can be achieved, and for any advice that you need please give us a call.

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