Our Traditional Package

Keeping it simple and classic.

What is a Traditional Funeral?

Traditional funerals, as you would expect, include a lot of the standard services that you would imagine a funeral director to provide.

Although we are strong advocates for exploring your options and finding alternatives to the more traditional offerings, we understand that keeping things classical can sometimes be the best choice for your family, and something which perfectly aligns with the wishes of the loved one you seek to remember.

The price of our Traditional Funeral service is £3,000.

Our Traditional Package Includes

Is the Traditional Package right for us?

The possibilities around how you can say farewell to your loved one has evolved over the years; however Traditional Funerals are still the most well-known (hence their name) and one of our most popular packages. There is a real beauty bound in tradition it is something we have a lot of respect for, but even with traditional, you can still add your own personal touch.

At Go As You Please we have dedicated our entire business to making ANYTHING possible, so please explore our full service offerings before making any big decisions as you may discover something new you did not know about before. Can’t see what you want? Please just ask. Even if it’s something we don’t specialise in, we’re more than happy to share advice and recommendations to help get you closer to your desires.

When planning a funeral, it’s easier to talk things through. Whilst there’s a lot of information on our website, our team are here to help you better understand the options available to you, and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Planning a Traditional Funeral

The price of our Traditional Funeral package is £3,000. Although this is a ‘package’, we do encourage as much creativity and participation as possible for when it comes to the planning of a memorable celebration for your loved one’s life. Even within a Traditional setting there is the possibility to add flourishing touches of personalisation which we highly recommend.

For more information about how this can be achieved, and for any advice that you need please give us a call.