Hold A Service Where You Please

You don’t have to have a service at the crematorium.

So Where Can I Have A Service?

When planning a funeral, people don’t always realise that the service doesn’t need to be at the crematorium. It’s possible to hold a service elsewhere. But where and how does this work? The options below give you some ideas: 

  • We’ll start with ourselves, at Go As You Please. We have facilities at some of our branches where you can hold a service for your loved one. We like to call these our “Chapels”. We offer our Chapels to families on an exclusive basis. You can take as long or as little as you need to hold your service, followed by the chance to stay behind afterwards for a cuppa and some remembrance time.
  • The next option is to use a private venue. This could include your local pub/club, a village/community hall, or somewhere like our natural burial ground, Seven Penny Meadow.
  • Our other option is your home, or that of a friend or family member. Depending on the space you have available and the number of people coming, you could host a service yourself. 

Cramlington Chapel

A intimate space that can seat 35 people comfortably 

Consett Chapel

A larger chapel that can seat 60 people with a slideshow facility.

Mayfield Community Centre

A large community centre that can seat 80 people.

Why Chose One Of These Venues Instead Of The Crem?

Not attending the crematorium comes with a whole host of benefits, from financial to emotional. 

  • You won’t have to face the crowds at the crematorium nor be restricted to a short time slot. 
  • You can have the service and reception all in one place so that people don’t have to arrange travel from one venue to another. 
  • You can have the service in a place which is local to family or friends, or, has a connection to the deceased. 
  • You can make a considerable cost saving on crematorium fees, hearse, and limousines. Money saved this way, can be better spent elsewhere. 
  • The service can be organised in a matter of days, rather than waiting for doctor’s certificates and availability at the crematorium.

How Do I Go About Arranging Something Like This?

We will do all the usual things that a funeral director does behind the scenes, and we’ll arrange a Direct Cremation to take place in the days following the service. All you need to do is think about the service itself, and even with that we are here to offer as much or as little help as you need to make it happen. 

Planning A Funeral At One Of Our Chapels

Our “Chapel Service” package includes everything that you need to create a memorable service for your loved one. You can customise it with ideas as simple as hot drinks and scones, through to live music or a themed farewell. Anything is possible when we give you the gift of time.  

At Go As You Please we offer a range of funeral packages, to provide you with an idea of structure and costs. 

These are intended as a framework and are all fully customisable to suit your needs. 

Our Chapels are available evenings and weekends to provide flexibility around your needs. This can help you to take into account your guests travel plans, or your work/life commitments. Our Chapels vary in size so please discuss your requirements with us so we can find the best option for you.

“Chapel Service” Package Cost £2500 

Our “Chapel Service” package includes:

But does not include:

When planning a funeral, it’s easier to talk things through. Whilst there’s a lot of information on our website, our team are here to help you better understand the options available to you, and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.