Welcome to Seven Penny Meadow...

Located in an idyllic hilltop position with breath-taking views across the Derwent valley.

Whether you are eco-minded, a nature lover or simply want something a little different. Seven Penny Meadow might be the choice for you. Set in a stunning location in County Durham with breath-taking views across the Derwent Valley, our funerals here are really something special and we often hear people say “If only I’d known about this when…”

Pricing for Seven Penny Meadow starts at £1,650 for Unattended, £1,950 for Attended and £3,150 for Full Burial.

Our gates are always open

Established in 2001, our natural burial ground, Seven Penny Meadow, is always open to visitors and we have ample parking on site. Visitors are welcome at all times of the day (and night), whether it be to visit a loved one or to simply take in the breath-taking views.

“The Lodge” situated next to the car park offers a sheltered area in which families can hold funeral services or gatherings. In the warmer months, the decked area provides a great viewpoint of the burial ground and the valley. In the colder months the log burner inside takes the chill off and provides a cosy atmosphere to keep you comforted. There is disabled access to The Lodge and toilet facilities are available for funeral occasions.

Dotted around the site are seating areas where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings, take some time for quiet contemplation, or even have a picnic (it has been known!).

The entire site is dog friendly and we also have a dedicated area for the burial of ashes.

What is a Natural Burial?

Natural burial (or green burial) is a term used to describe the burial of the deceased in an area which creates new habitats for wildlife (flora and fauna) or preserves existing habitats.

At a time when municipal and church cemeteries are running out of space and there are environmental concerns over cremations; natural burials offer an alternative which is environmentally friendly, whilst having the long-term benefits of giving back to nature and creating peaceful and public green spaces.

At Go As You Please, we have an ongoing commitment for the development of native flora at Seven Penny Meadow, with an aim to create a self-sustaining natural environment in the long term.

What to expect

Typically, friends and family will arrive at Seven Penny Meadow, where the deceased will be waiting in a beautifully decorated natural wicker coffin. A service and interment will follow. The day is yours to do with it what you wish should you wish to have drinks and food back at The Lodge.

As part of our commitment to the Meadow, we do not allow any grave décor however, we can plant a tree or place a discrete plaque to mark your loved one’s resting place. Only plaques supplied by Go As You Please are permitted. Prices start from £95.00 for this optional extra.

See it to believe it

We could spend hours telling you about the benefits of Seven Penny Meadow, walking you through virtual tours and reels of photographs but it really is a ‘see it to believe it’ kind of place. Just as you would view a house before buying, we strongly encourage you to come and visit Seven Penny Meadow as part of your funeral planning research. Just walking around the site has provided many of us with much needed comfort over the years to help us overcome some of the biggest decisions that we’ve had to make.

Below are a series of instructions to ensure that you find us okay. Regardless of whether a natural burial is right for your loved one or not, the Seven Penny Meadow always welcomes you:

  • We are located on B6310 Longclose Bank on the east side of Medomsley, Co Durham, just outside the village.

  • To find us from the A1, take the exit for the A694, then follow this road towards Consett. Follow the A694 through Rowlands Gill and Hamsterley Mill. After Hamsterley Mill, turn left onto B6310 signposted Medomsley. This is Longclose Bank. Continue up the hill; we are situated on the left just before Medomsley village.

  • Seven Penny Meadow, Longclose Bank, Medomsley, DH8 6BA

When planning a funeral, it’s easier to talk things through. Whilst there’s a lot of information on our website, our team are here to help you better understand the options available to you, and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Photo Gallery

Photos really don’t do the Seven Penny Meadow justice, but we’ve grouped together some of our favourite pictures below.

Planning a funeral at Seven Penny Meadow

We encourage as much freedom, creativity and participation as possible to plan a memorable celebration of a loved one’s life. Without the constraints expected at crematoriums or council cemeteries, our customers have the ideal opportunity to explore this with the Seven Penny Meadow. Ideas as simple as hot drinks and biscuits served in the Lodge, through to live music or night time funerals are all possible; and your time is not restricted.

Prices for an unattended Direct Burial at Seven Penny starts at £1,650 and for a full inclusive ‘Wicker Burial’, prices start at £3,150. Alternatively, if you like the idea of Seven Penny Meadow but do not wish to be buried then an Ashes Burial would be the best option. Simply come and have the ashes buried or take advantage of using The Lodge for a full service and send off rather than the Crematorium.

We offer a range of options here at Seven Penny Meadows, including additional products and services to make it as customisable as you want in your funeral planning process. We are also happy to advise those who wish to plan a celebration independently.

For more information about choosing a natural burial at Seven Penny Meadow please get in touch.