As Direct As You Please

Unattended cremation or burial. Fuss free and budget friendly.

What Is A Direct Funeral?

Direct Cremations are increasingly popular as a fuss free farewell for your loved one. This is because Direct Cremations are the quickest and simplest cremation available. There is no formal funeral service, no ceremony performed beforehand and no attendees. This creates an opportunity to have a meaningful celebration in your own time, away from formal funeral settings.  

Exclusive to Go As You Please, we also offer a Direct Burial Service at Seven Penny Meadow. 

What To Expect

It’s as easy as 1-2-3: 

  1. We collect your loved one, dress them and welcome viewings in our Chapel of Rest as with any other funeral.

  2. The cremation itself is unattended and will take place at a local venue at a date and time of our choosing. We are happy to share these details with you if you’d like to take a moment to think of your loved one at that time.
  3. After the cremation, the ashes are returned to the family. 

A Direct Cremation creates an opportunity for you to plan a separate occasion on a date/time/location of your choosing, where family and friends can all come together to celebrate and honour your loved one’s life. Away from unwanted funeral settings, and somewhere much more meaningful. 

Planning A Direct Funeral

Most of the planning of a Direct Funeral is taken care of by the Funeral Director, hence why this is a fuss free option. The family play more of a part if they decide to organise a service or memorial to go hand in hand with the Direct Funeral. There is more information about this on our Hold A Service Where You Please page.

“Direct Cremation” Package Cost £1500

Our “Direct Cremation” package includes:

But does not include:

“Direct Burial” Package £1700

Our Direct Burials are held at our natural burial ground Seven Penny Meadow. For more information click here.

We offer the option to add a private funeral service which we host at one of our chapels in Cramlington/Consett. It is a contemporary choice that allows you to bid a respectful farewell to your loved one in a simple and fuss-free way.