We were the First Funeral Directors to offer Direct Cremations in the North East

A no-fuss farewell to your loved one. 

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremations are becoming increasingly popular as a no-fuss or frills farewell to your loved one. This is because Direct Cremations are the quickest and simplest cremation available, involving no formal funeral service, no ceremony performed beforehand and no attendees. Direct Cremations do however offer unlimited opportunity to have a meaningful celebration in your own time, away from unwanted funeral settings.

The price of our Direct Cremation service is £1,500.

What to expect?

We collect your loved one, dress them and welcome viewings in our Chapel of Rest as with any other funeral. The main difference with a Direct Cremation is that the cremation itself will be unattended and will take place on a date, time and venue of our choosing. The venue is ALWAYS LOCAL and we are as open with you as you want us to be about when and where the cremation will take place, especially if you’d like to take a moment to think of your loved one at the exact time, we say farewell.

After the cremation, the ashes are returned to the family to do with as you wish.
Although it will not be possible for family and friends to attend a Direct Cremation, and the date is very much dictated by our availability, this package does provide a great opportunity for you to plan an occasion on a date/time/location of your choosing where family and friends can all come together to celebrate and honour your loved one’s life. Away from unwanted funeral settings, and somewhere much more meaningful.

Our Direct Cremation Package Includes:

We also offer the option to add an intimate, private funeral service which we host at our premises in Cramlington. It is a contemporary choice that allows you to bid a respectful farewell to your loved one in a simple and fuss-free way.

The differences between a Direct Cremation vs a Traditional Cremation



Planning a Direct Cremation

Direct cremations are the most straightforward and cheapest option that we provide here at Go As You Please. If you’d like to find out more about choosing a Direct Cremation and discuss how this might be a suitable option for your loved one then please give us a call.