Update for Existing Plan Holders

We’re delighted to confirm that our new funeral plan provider, Independent Funeral Planning Services Ltd (IFPS), is now authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a provider of funeral plans. The FCA took over regulation of the funeral planning industry on the 29th July 2022 and IFPS were one of only 26 companies in the UK who met the rigorous high standards of the FCA to gain authorisation.

The ethos of Go As You Please has always been around putting the customer first and setting standards within the industry; so we consider the FCA regulation a huge positive step forward for the industry.

What does this mean for our existing plan holders?

Administration of your plan will be transferred from Go As You Please to IFPS. Go As You Please will still be your funeral director, your funeral plan will remain the same, and your money will remain in the same Trust as previously. You will get a letter in the coming weeks informing you fully of this. This letter references the legal agreements covering this undertaking which can be found here.

Why are Go As You Please no longer administrating my Funeral Plan?

A new company structure was developed in order to align with the new regulatory regime. Under this new structure IFPS was created to perform an administrative role over the collective structure encompassing Trust, Trustee, Funeral Director and Customer. This allows Go As You Please to focus on what it does best – deliver cost effective funerals, whilst IFPS focusses on selling and administering pre-paid plans.

When will I get my letter?

We will be sending out letters to our existing plan holders in a staggered mailing over the next couple of months. So please do not worry if you haven’t heard from us yet. If you haven’t heard from us by the end of October, it may mean that your letter has got lost in the post or the contact details we have for you are not up to date. Please let us know if it gets to this time and you have not heard from us.