Tom Tiley’s Road Trip to Ukraine

A fine effort from Go As You Please Funerals supporting the war in Ukraine.

With over 35 hours of drive time and a £700 fuel bill the 22 year old Mercedes E Class hearse breezed through the 5 European countries, finally reaching its destination of the Southern Ukrainian city Mykolaiv. This hearse will help service fallen military soldiers funerals during the war, with the first service to be held this afternoon.

A big thankyou to Tom Tiley for driving the 2200 mile trip to Mykolaiv. Tom also taking the opportunity to fill the hearse lower and upper deck with clothing donations bringing the total weight of the vehicle to 3 tonnes. Tom told us ‘Its was a joy to drive with the cruise control on most of the way it never skipped a beat.’ 

With the plans to repaint the hearse white to be in keeping with the Ukrainian culture we hope the hearse will keep giving for many years to come.  


*Credit to Tom Tiley for Photos