Going out with a bang!

As a business known for doing things differently and finding unique and personal ways to pay tribute to a loved one you have sadly lost, we are delighted to be able to offer an “Ashes in Fireworks” add-on to any existing cremation funeral package.

Memorial Fireworks as they are often referred, use a small portion of cremation remains (about three tablespoons) which are loaded into high quality and stunning aerial shells with multi-shot barrages which are sent up into the sky as part of a truly impressive and tasteful fireworks tribute finale.

Memorial fireworks are just one of the many creative things you can do with “cremains” including making diamonds or getting a tattoo. And, a fireworks show is just one of the many ways to turn what can be a very difficult time into a few moments of joy and amazement to truly celebrate their life.

Our firework displays are designed to the bespoke requirements of your loved one, whether that be a special colour scheme to match your loved one’s favourite sports team or choreographed to their favourite piece of music.

As is true with scattering remains in the traditional way, we will support you in all of the planning, helping you to seek any necessary permission from the landowner if you are on private property and check local laws if you are on public lands or parks. Our friendly team are happy to discuss your requirements and help you choose the right send off for the person you love.

If you would like to organise an “Ashes in Fireworks” display – then please give one of our caring and friendly staff a call on 01670 730303 or get in touch via the website. We’d be more than happy to offer some support and advice.