Many people these days are purchasing prepaid funeral plans. Here you will find the information you require if you are considering this; and hopefully assist you in making the right choices for you.

So why are people purchasing prepaid funeral plans?

  • ​Guarantees the cost of your funeral at today’s prices
  • Empowers you to have the funeral you want when the time comes
  • Saves your loved ones the trauma and expense of organising your funeral for you


Rising funeral costs are a subject frequently in the press these days and as such people are shopping around more and considering alternative options to the standard cremation route that we are all familiar with.

Before purchasing a funeral plan, it’s worth thinking about what a funeral involves and how things could be done differently. Not only to save on costs but to create something more meaningful and relevant.


Go As You Please offer a range of flexible funeral plans which can be tailor made to be as simple or elaborate as you desire. Any of the plans detailed in this brochure can be customised and purchased on a prepaid basis.

Once you have selected and paid for a plan, your money is held securely in an independent trust fund. Here it is invested carefully, to guarantee that at the time of need the cost of your funeral is fully covered, regardless of rising industry prices and inflation.

Plan prices are as detailed on the current price list and are also subject to a administration fee (£199 if paying in full at time of purchase, £259 for twelve month installment plans).

At the time of need, your funds are withdrawn from the trust and Go As You Please carry out your funeral according to the arrangements agreed at time of purchase.


We recommend that when taking out a funeral plan you primarily ensure that the ‘essential’ costs are covered, in particular the ones which are out of the hands of the funeral directors, like crematorium fee’s.

Our ‘Direct to Crem’ plan covers this and can be customised at time of need or at your convenience.

On the other hand, you may know exactly what you want and we can ensure this with our range of customisable plans.


We prefer to meet you in person to go through your requirements. This ensures that you get everything you want, nothing you don’t need, and have no uncertainties as to how the plan works.

To schedule a (no obligation) appointment then you can either call our head office or call into any of our shops. We are happy to meet you either in your home or in one of our shops.


We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash, Cheque, Credit or Debit card

There is also the option to pay by instalments. To do this, we require a minimum £259 deposit with the remaining balance payable by standing order over 12 months.



After purchasing a plan we’ll send you out an information pack which will include the following:

  • Your unique plan reference number
  • A summary of the plan that you have purchased
  • A Certificate of Guarantee
  • Wish List


Once you’ve received your pack:

  • Inform your next of kin that you have purchased a funeral plan.
  • Keep your pack in a safe place and inform your next of kin of its whereabouts.
  • Think about anything you would like to do to personalise your funeral further and record it on your Wish List in the pack.
  • Contact Go As You Please at any time if there is anything you would like to discuss or if there are any changes to your plan / personal details.
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Go As You Please pre-paid funeral plans

We would like to thank Kate and all the other staff involved in the arrangement of the funeral. Your caring and professional approach was comforting to us all at such a sad time.

From the moment I walked into your office I immediately felt at ease.  I would like to say a great big thank you to all involved in my mams funeral arrangements; a special thank you to Kate and Barbara for their patience and empathy during this sad chapter in my life, you were wonderful and relieved me of so much stress.  Please take care, I would recommend your services to everyone in my position. I can’t thank you enough.
There was an almost instant reply from my enquiry on line and honesty of being a ‘small family business’ sealed the deal. It was a job well done.  Thank you.  The dignity you all gave my brother was much appreciated from start to finish, the non-judgmental approach and no questions asked; just calm acceptance.  I feel so privileged to have had my trust in your services rewarded with such a gracious funeral for my brother.  The continuity of care has been second to none and all of the staff involved had an exceptional gift and intuition how to understand people.  As we live a distance away the kind guidance you gave was deeply appreciated; from advice re local florists and prices to collecting personal belongings, sensitive communication through emails, text messages and telephone calls. Sam, the funeral director was exceptional.  I have no doubt that Go As You Please funerals will always ensure the highest of standards are always maintained and wish you well.